Oh, you DIDN'T get the same results as those you 

saw and heard in thousands of testimonials?

You did NOT receive advertised results?

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Reviewed by Ancestral Nutrition

"I do these reviews because the truth is important to me, and if a company isn’t willing to provide it – I will. I’ve decided to start grading the products and companies I review, and Plexus gets and F. Here’s why."

Reviewed by the Cooper Clinic.

Regarding research:
"Well they only have one study that hasn't been published and it's not peer reviewed, that's not a great sign.  It only had 8 people in the study. They're making millions. My argument is, you would want to invest some of that money in some research to really help your folks sell this, with something behind it."  

Regarding Ingredients:
"They want you to check with your physician first but your physician isn't going to know what's in this either".  

Bottom Line:
"The BBB has given this company a ranking of C, that's not great". 

I don't know about you, but I work too hard for my money to pay over $100 a month for a product that who knows what's in it (as they can change the formula without telling anyone, as I well know) or exactly where it comes from.

Take at your own risk!

Thank you for sharing Michael!

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Plexus Slim Review – Stay Clear of this Supplement

  • Potential liver problems
  • Lethargy
  • Severe constipation
  • Excess gas
  • Dehydration

Is Plexus Safe? A Careful Look at Plexus Slim Ingredients

Is Plexus safe, or are there dangers you need to watch out for? Here's a look at what's inside the popular weight-loss supplement.  (read the full story here)


Plexus Slim Review - Does the "Pink Drink" Work?Are price and weak scientific support deal breakers?

By Summer Banks on Aug 19, 2016

We looked closely at ingredients, side effects, clinical evidence and customer service. Plus, we read hundreds of user comments from around the web. We then condensed that information to offer you the bottom line.  (Read the full story here)




Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning is a serious and sometimes fatal condition. It occurs when lead builds up in the body. Lead is a highly toxic metal and a very strong poison. 
Severe lead poisoning is treated with chelation therapy and EDTA. However, damage from lead poisoning cannot be reversed.




Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, is enclosed with this letter served to the alleged Violators identified below.
Alleged Violators. The names of the companies covered by this notice that violated Proposition 65 (hereinafter the “Violators”) are:
Plexus Worldwide, Inc. Plexus Worldwide, LLC Plexus Holdings, Inc
Read more  here.

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Plexus Slim Review – Truth be Told, Warning!

  1. I took Plexus Slim for @ 45 days and decided to stop because I was not loosing any weight. After 5 days of not taking it, my head hurts, I’m nauseated, and am just tired! This is a withdrawal from this drink! It’s scary to think that something in this drink has me this absorbed and “coming off” of it is terrible!                                                                                                                                              Brittany says                                                                                                 This company is horrible to even work with! After three months it worked on my but it was just too expensive. So I stopped and had a horrible withdrawal for a whole week! It really makes me wonder what I was really putting in my body to have a withdrawal like that.  So after I stopped taking the product they kept billing me and shipping products to me! I returned both within their time frame and have been trying to get a refund….or even talk to someone for FOUR months! This is the worst company I have ever dealt with!                                                                                                                                                     Jen says                                                                                                    This drink made me feel horrible.. Dizzy, nauseous, the worst headaches,and brain fog… The price alone is ridiculous…and the pyramid scam .. Whole other story.    Never again…

  2. ************************************************************************************      From Natural Health Advisory IS PLEXUS SAFE?                                       



More about Plexus Worldwide from Searcy here.



Reviews from Supplement Geek THE go-to resource for truth!


Plexus Slim Review of Ingredients and Side Effects

Sep 11, 2013 ... Will Plexus Slim help weight loss? Read my unbiased review of Plexus Slim and decide for yourself. Plexus slim ingredients side effects cost ...

Plexus Slim New Formula Review
Nov 18, 2013 ... Does the new Plexus Slim work better for weight loss? Read my unbiased review as I compare old and new formulas and decide for yourself.

Check out his book here!




Is Plexus a Scam?

Written by 

Just a few days after Thanksgiving this year, I got an email from a reader who I will call Xander. He noticed his friend network is getting drawn into an MLM called Plexus.

He asked me to write about it, because like many MLMs out there, they aren't well-covered by the media. Even when they are, (see more at LazyMan)


Plexus: Does it work? Is it safe?

I can't help but laugh at all the "links" to purchase this pink koolaid!  These poor people have been "pinkwashed"!  And don't forget to read the raving reviews!

Scroll half way down the page to see the reviews /comments.

  • Here are a few....  
(Some have been removed, I wonder why?  There were many more comments than this.  Is KATV being paid to remove the negative ones?)


8:32 AM Jan 30
I tried Plexus and it did not work for me. I did not lose any weight, which was my main purpose of trying it. I have insomnia and tend to be tired all the time. So, I thought if it would also help with that, it would be an added benefit. However, NO LUCK! I did try it for 60 days. I was hoping I would see some results after 30, but NO! Therefore, I am trying, trying to get my money back. Not as easy as it appears. One positive though, the Plexus drink mix, is quite tasty. If it wasn't so darn expensive, I would probably continue to drink the drink. It has got to be better for me than a soda.. Warning...Dont' waste your time and money. It has been said for many years...Diet and exercise!

Janie11:28 AM Jan 31
The current product does not work for me as well as the 40 people who tried it with me and countless others. From what I understand, it USED to work, that was before the product change in late 2013, just as I came in (only no one told me). If you research 2011-2013 it was all about "drink pink and shrink", then all of a sudden became about "health". I would love to know what the 2014 sales REALLY were. With the original product, people saw results with the 3 and 7 day trial packs, that's how they grew so fast. After product changes, people weren't seeing the changes in that time frame so it became about "health". I was terminated by them based on my upline telling them I was a "nut case". Isn't that defamation of character? She (the upline) was upset because I figured out their "cover up" and questioned their compensation plan that was not honored. Be warned!


Constant Dull Headache
Dull Chest pain (this was totally scary and frustrating!)
The worst thing was these things happened when I was trying to get back in shape after a few years of having my first baby. We were actually planning for the second one and before we did, I wanted to lose my extra weight to start on the right foot so to speak. But when these side effects hit me, especially the chest pain and constant headache; it delayed our plans by over 1.5 years!  We had to wait that long for the side effects to subside because there was no way I was gonna be pregnant with these things! And the reason it took me so long to figure out that Plexus was responsible was these side effects didn't start immediately, so we did not suspect Plexus to be the root cause!
Imagine my relief and anger when I found out that IT WAS THE CULPRIT!
For that, Plexus Slim - I won't forgive you, ever! :(

  •  I also gained lots of weight. I could no longer sell something I did not believe in.

  •  I really don't know, but I gained 20 lbs. They kept telling me to TAKE more!

  • With me I found it made me want to eat more I was constantly hungry. I use to have to force myself to eat but when I tried the new formula for a month I gained weight almost 20lbs

  • gained nearly 20 pounds because of these products 

  • I wasn't able to take the accelerator any longer and the slim drink stopped working once it was changed the weight started coming back on. Gave up my ambassador status --couldn't promote a product that was no longer effective for me

  • I know of 17 people who had their gall bladders removed AND got very sick

  • Several of my friends gained. They did everything they were told and still gained.

  • As for me it just stopped working and I gained all my weight back and more.. plus my sugar went sky high and blood pressure did too.. My doctor told me not to take it anymore.. so I didn't. it just wasn't working anymore...

  • I gained almost 15 pounds in 6 months. Not only did I gain weight but this is the hardest I've ever had to work to try and get the weight back off. Scale refuses to budge. 

  • Products changed ...ingredients changed's a huge money scam...the new product now claims to do a lot of what the slim use to do...slim does nothing now...add this add that one can afford to pay several hundreds every month to be told ...oh you will see something next month..most ambassadors I still know ADMIT it does not work 

  • I personally gained a ton of belly fat, had headaches and heart palpitations on it.

  • you also need to know that a lot of people left because people are not happy and a lot of these people gained a lot of the weight back.

  • It didn't help me none just gain.  I am a ambassador I done everything I was suppose to do. I was on it 5 months

  • exact same thing with me. 5 months, taking all products as directed, drinking a gallon of water a day, and I gained weight in 5 months. I'm not a lazy overeater who is uneducated about the products or exercise and nutrition for that matter but I'm sick of hearing "did you do the spit test?, did you drink the water?, did you eat right?".......YES, YES, AND YES! Don't anyone dare tell me "than it should have worked!". Because GUESS WHAT!!!!!!, it didn't work. And guess what's not working for alot of people!

  •  I just want some answers as two physicians believe it damaged my heart and I do too...I just took the slim, probio 5, Biocleanse, and X Factor for six months....I want to know the "why."

  • I was taking the slim, accelerator, probio5 and the BioCleanse. I switched to boost first part of may. Started feeling bad bot long after the switch. Ended up admitted to the hospital on June 1st was released on the 5th. Had about 30 different blood test for any kind of liver disorder, disease, anything that could cause me to go into liver failure and everything came back negative. Had a CT Scan, several ultra sounds. My doctor said right from the beginning that he thought it was Plexus but he would test me for any and everything just to make sure. I also had two other independent liver specialist at Emory look at all my blood work and tests and they both agreed that it was due to plexus. (August 22, 2014)   See more here



Would definitely need more information but the fact that it's banned in other country raises a red flag so I don't think I'd try it. There's so many different types of weight loss and meal supplements you really do have to do some research to see what is really in these products.

Missy - December 2014
I've used this product for about 2 months now and I'm not sure its really doing anything
(except costing me money!)

Lynette - December 1, 2014
I did lose some weight when I first started using this product and its quick / easy to use, but the results have tapered off, not sure if there is something I am missing?

Deanna - December 24, 2014
I started on just the drink. No results, then told to add accelerator, pro bio, bio cleanse. Till i quit it was costin 150-170 per month. I was on months. I just cant see spendin that money w no results. They claim i didnt give enough time, excuse me??? They need to make it cheaper if u need to be on longer for results instead of sending their ambassadors to hawaii & florida!! Disgusted, my FB page is loaded w them trying to push it.

Eva - January 2015
I have the Plexus ambassadors all over my Facebook. I am athletic with relatively low body fat (16%, female). I don't need to lose weight. But when I was diagnosed with an overlap disorder (RA and SLE), I took low level steroids to reduce the effects of the flare. I mentioned on FB how much better I felt and the Plexus people jumped all over me pushing the products as an alternative to the very low dose steroids and short term steroids that my rheumatologist prescribed. I don't have a problem with people using a natural healthy product to lose and maintain weight loss. But my physical fitness has been a top priority my whole life. I only took the steroids to avoid permanent damage. I've experienced no weight gain. Most of all, I am no longer in a flare. So my energy levels are good again without the steroid. I just wish the ambassadors would leave medical advice regarding potentially deadly disorders (as in diabetes or SLE) to medical professionals. I worried enough about putting steroids in my body and that was something I discussed at length with my rheumatologist. I respect the Plexus advocates individual journeys toward good health; I do wish they would likewise respect mine.

Found on #Supplement Geek

Meredith Edwards saysApril 19, 2016 at 8:09 am

So I took plexus for a few weeks. I did lose an inch or 2 around my stomach, but I didn’t lose any weight. I actually gained weight! They have a 60 day money back guarantee, so I was going to return what I had ordered and try the accelerator pills with the plexus drink.

However, I tried calling several times and sent several emails with no response! When I tried calling, the automatic response was that they were so busy that I needed to call back, and it would disconnect my call.

I emailed several times within a few days of each other, and the priority was treated low! I warned them, in the email, if they didn’t respond to my email by Monday, I would take measures by going to social media! I thought there would be no risk in trying plexus bc they have a 60 day money back guarantee, and it would be great if you could get on touch with someone!

I spent around $150 of which I now see I will never get back! Plexus worked for my sister, mom, and others, but they were taking something different than I was.
If you are afraid of plexus not working but you decided to try any way bc of their money back guarantee, don’t do it!!!!!! YOU WILL NEVER GET IN TOUCH WITH ANYONE TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK AND THAT’S THE WAY THEY WANT IT!!!!

Plexus will never get my money again, and I only hope they haven’t done this too many times and they won’t ever do it again! Spread the word so they will stop doing this!!!! DON’T LET PLEXUS GET AWAY WITH RIPPING PEOPLE OFF WITH FALSE HOPE OF MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!!!


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