Sunday, March 26, 2017


Chances are good you're taking Plexus because someone convinced you it would help with whatever your ailment is; fibromyalgia, being overweight, diabetes, ADHD, you name it, there's a proprietary blend for that!  Regardless of how safe a product is said to be, without knowing the "proprietary blend", you don't really know if it's safe or not.  The person telling you it is, wants you to buy it, and better yet, sell it so they can advance in their business.  You know, win that trip to Maui, drive that Lexus, etc., all at what could be the expense of your health!  

I found an interesting article recently you might want to read, and a few questions you might want to ask the next person that tries to tell you how great Plexus Slim is!

"On its website, Plexus Worldwide provides very little information about its quality assurance protocols or manufacturing practices, leaving questions about whether Plexus Slim is tainted or contaminated. Because of these issues and more, it is not easy to definitively know whether Plexus Slim is safe or not. Supplements can be incredibly effective tools for health and wellness, but it is best not to guess or take chances on supplements that do not disclose even basic information about ingredient sources, their amounts, quality control, and manufacturing practices."

Read the full story here

  1. "I used to drink the plexus shakes. They made me so sick! Nausea. Sweating. Shaking. It was horrible! After I got rid of them I ended up buying the block. It says to take two. Two makes me sick so I only take one. After I started taking them I started having chest pain. I’m not saying it’s related but definitely suspicious. None of my doctor’s could tell me if plexus was safe."  See it here.
  2. Read more product reviews here and here.  Oh, and even more here.

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