Monday, March 14, 2016


I have just learned that Lazy Man & Money is being sued by an MLM Company.

They (most MLM and other companies) do everything possible to eliminate/hide any negativity that can possibly be found regarding their company and product reviews.It's called reputation management and there's a great article on it here

Companies pay big money to keep us from knowing the truth including large legal fees to shut down anyone who says anything but good about their company or product, which in my opinion is sleazy and unethical.What's the saying?  The one with the most money wins?  MLM Companies have PLENTY because WE gave it to them as did millions of others who fell prey to their devious schemes and empty promises.

What about the victims? What about free speech? Why are these companies allowed to continue raping people of their hopes, dreams and hard earned money?   While I believe there is a special place in hell for them, how many lives, families and retirement accounts must be devoured before government organizations take action?  Where is justice for the victims?

The hard work, research and endless hours invested by Lazy Man and numerous others, have saved many from the destruction of MLM companies.  We must unite to keep the truth within reach!  I hope you will join me by donating below for continued efforts to protect innocent prey from wolves in sheep's clothing.

Quoted from Lazy Man & Money's Go Fund Me Page:
Please Save Free Speech
The lawyers that I've talked to have said that this is what is called a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP). The goal of this lawsuit, like the other lawsuits is to burden me with legal fees in order to bully me into a settlement that means taking down my article. It's not intended to right a wrong, but instead to harass. The website Popehat a great article about SLAPPs. 
I'm asking for you to help me retain my freedom of speech so that I can continue to help consumers. My website makes very little money and certainly not enough to pay lawyers $25,000 everytime a company singles me out because I'm not a non-profit organization with lawyers on staff like Truth In Advertising. 
I'm just one person with a voice.  Please help me protect the millions of consumers that Lazy Man and Money has served over the last ten years.
Without your donation, I am likely to have to delete the information that has helped so many.
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