Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I cringed, laughed and cried during this video.  I cringed because I fell for the hype and viewed my uplines as some sort of God.  I laughed at the part about being at a convention jumping up and down
excited and all "hyped up"when you've never made a dime.

And I cried....
As I saw faces, LIVES of the countless people, including myself, preyed upon by MLM's.
Their hype and promises of success and financial freedom, the "keep on keepin' on fake it till you make it risk it all your dreams are within reach" speeches. 

 I cried with a broken heart as I mourned the loss of it all....   the hopes, dreams and relentless belief in the financial freedom and success I would never have.

Please remember, the "numbers" you see on that computer screen are people, LIVES, families pouring their heart, soul and hard earned money into YOUR dream....  
only to realize their dream will never come true.

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