Friday, September 18, 2015

Vemma's Day In Court

From the desk of Ethan Vanderbuilt....

"On September 15th 2015, Vemma had their chance to defend themselves in court against the claims of the FTC. The Arizona Sandra Day O’Connor Federal Courthouse court room was full of Vemma employees and contractors. B.K. Boreyko and the Vemma defendants had with them 9 lawyers.
Here are the primary complaints against Vemma:
  • Vemma’s business model depends upon recruiting individuals to participate in Vemma as Affiliates and encouraging them to purchase Vemma Products in connection with such participation, rather than selling products to ultimate-user consumers.
  • Through their sales and marketing activities, Vemma misrepresents the nature and income potential of Vemma.  They repeatedly tout that Vemma can provide anyone an easy path to financial freedom and independence.
The day started with the FTC expert witness Dr. Stacie Bosley, an economics professor at Hamline University in Minnesota who studies pyramid schemes worldwide." (read more)
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