Tuesday, September 29, 2015


It's great to see that the "little people" are being heard and it's 
about time!  These companies weave loopholes throughout their policies and procedures, terms and conditions, etc.  Then they use "scare tactics" such as "lawsuit" to keep you quiet.  Free speech... speak YOUR TRUTH!

It's great to see the FTC in action to PROTECT the consumer through exposing and setting new standards for shady MLM companies.  

Here are a few of the articles you might find interesting....

From Truth In Advertising:
September 28, 2015
"Consumers who fail to reach their weight-loss goals with one company’s purported stomach-shrinking powders marketed as an alternative to gastric bypass surgery face threats of litigation and hundreds of dollars in charges if they want to share a negative review of their experience. 
Negative posters taken to court
Roca Labs has done more than just threaten to sue. The company has actually taken customers to court for posting negative comments online, the FTC alleges. Not only that, the FTC claims Roca Labs has also dissuaded customers from telling us how they really feel by threatening to charge customers the “full price” of the discounted products that failed to work for them — a difference that amounts to $1,100. 
Customers had to agree to the provisions, which were nestled in the company’s terms and conditions,"  read full story here.

PissedConsumer Fights Back Against Roca Labs' Attempt To Silence Customer Complaints
"We recently wrote about a very questionable lawsuit filed by, Roca Labs, a "dietary supplement" company (it apparently prefers "nutraceutical") with a claimed "alternative" to gastric bypass surgery made up of some ingredients that they claim will expand and fill up your stomach so you're not hungry. When you buy, the company "offers" a "discount" if you agree to never, ever say anything bad about the company, ever."   read more from TechDirt here
 From Fraud Files:

I LOVE this site by the way!
"Roca Labs attempts to silence its unhappy users before they even buy the products. The company says that in exchange for a “significant discount” (about $800) off the normal price of $1,580 for the weight loss goop, customers agree to not speak, publish, print, blog or write negatively about the company or products." read the story in full here

I hope this will encourage all who have experienced, (or know someone who has) a negative experience with MLM / Pyramid scams to report it.  The actions by the FTC are because people refused to remain quiet.

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