Saturday, May 16, 2015

Plexus Slim: Does it work? Is it safe? - KATV

I can't help but laugh at all the "links" to purchase this pink koolaid!  These poor people have been "pinkwashed"!  And don't forget to read the raving reviews!

Plexus: Does it work? Is it safe?

Scroll half way down the page to see the reviews /comments.

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(Some have been removed, I wonder why?  There were many more comments than this.  Is KATV being paid to remove the negative ones?)

8:32 AM Jan 30

I tried Plexus and it did not work for me. I did not lose any weight, which was my main purpose of trying it. I have insomnia and tend to be tired all the time. So, I thought if it would also help with that, it would be an added benefit. However, NO LUCK! I did try it for 60 days. I was hoping I would see some results after 30, but NO! Therefore, I am trying, trying to get my money back. Not as easy as it appears. One positive though, the Plexus drink mix, is quite tasty. If it wasn't so darn expensive, I would probably continue to drink the drink. It has got to be better for me than a soda.. Warning...Dont' waste your time and money. It has been said for many years...Diet and exercise!

Janie11:28 AM Jan 31
The current product does not work for me as well as the 40 people who tried it with me and countless others. From what I understand, it USED to work, that was before the product change in late 2013, just as I came in (only no one told me). If you research 2011-2013 it was all about "drink pink and shrink", then all of a sudden became about "health". I would love to know what the 2014 sales REALLY were. With the original product, people saw results with the 3 and 7 day trial packs, that's how they grew so fast. After product changes, people weren't seeing the changes in that time frame so it became about "health". I was terminated by them based on my upline telling them I was a "nut case". Isn't that defamation of character? She (the upline) was upset because I figured out their "cover up" and questioned their compensation plan that was not honored. Be warned!

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