Friday, April 3, 2015


Just in the last few days I've heard over and over how this company continues to charge people  the yearly fee.  (yes, that's AFTER they send in the ambassador cancellation request).  No wonder sales appear larger than they are...  look at all the false charges!  

Anyway, not sure why they need those cancellation forms since they seem to always be "misplaced" or "never received".  

People have been terminated, overcharged and charged AFTER resignation.  They do, however, seem to find a resolution AFTER you submit to the Better Business Bureau!  That's a start, but here are a few more resources... (and if you need help, contact me!)  

1. Better Business Bureau - CLICK HERE    or email:

2.  FTC:
     (202) 326-2222
      Online Form HERE

3.  FDA  Physical reactions (even if you're not sure it was P, let THEM decide)
     FDA:  1-888-463-6332
    Online: CLICK HERE

Do not let ANY company bully you or scare you.  THIS IS AMERICA!  THESE PROGRAMS ARE IN PLACE TO PROTECT YOU!  As long as you say and do nothing, others will continue to suffer financially and / or physically.  

PLEASE share your truth or contact me and I will help!  Enough is enough!


At FTC’s Request, Court Stops Supplement Marketers From Deceptive Advertising and Illegally Debiting Consumers’ Accounts

At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a U.S. district court has temporarily stopped a group of marketers in Nevada and California from conducting business using “free” trial offers and health claims that the agency charges are deceptive and illegal to pitch green coffee bean extract and another dietary supplements. The FTC is seeking to permanently stop their allegedly deceptive conduct.  READ MORE HERE


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