I will be doing a series on "WHAT MLM COMPANIES DON'T TELL YOU".  Why is this important?  Because I found out the hard way it's what they DON'T tell you that makes the difference.  

Things like...
  • did you really get in on the ground floor or were you 6 months too late?   
  • do they pay people from other MLM companies to come to theirs and bring their teams offering them a generous compensation for that?  
  • do MLM companies "load legs" for those they bring in from other companies?  
  • can you really advance to the top rank of your company simply by selling product without signing one person under you? 
  • are you really in business for yourself? 
I'll answer these and many more questions in the coming weeks (as time allows).  

This first one is evaluating your company for a pyramid operation.  Are you SURE you're not part of a pyramid scheme?

I found a great article here about MLM's who show 4 red flags of a product pyramid scheme. Guess who made the list?  PLEXUS!  (among many others).  

"After the most extensive research ever done on MLM as a business model, Dr. Taylor has identified four (and in most cases five) causative and defining characteristics, or “red flags,” in MLM compensation systems that lie at the root of the deceptions and horrendous loss rates suffered by MLM participants. Where data is available, approximately 99% of all participants are found to lose money, after subtracting incentivized purchases and minimum operating expenses."  (See more here)

Think you don't work for a pyramid scheme based company? Think again! Check out the red flags for yourself with Dr. Taylor’s 5-step do-it-yourself MLM evaluation quiz found here.

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Did it seem strange to you how some people "advanced" so quickly?  And you thought, "Wow, if they can do it in 9 months, I can too!"  So you signed up, invested money, worked your butt off and guess what?  You're still in the same place you were a year ago!  Or maybe you advanced a level or two, but nothing major like you saw others do.  Ever wonder why? 

Think about it.  Let's say Jane Doe is a beauty consultant with XYZ MLM Company. Another MLM Company approaches her about their new product (not necessarily the beauty industry, maybe a different industry altogether). Nonetheless, they tell her if she will come over to their
company, they will guarantee her an income of "$xyz.ooo" as well as a "sign on" bonus if she will bring her team with her.  What's in it for the team you ask?  Well, when new people join the new MLM company, they are placed in the "legs" or "lines" or "levels" of these people's teams.  Now everyone is making money and gives the appearance of how fast one can advance with this new company!  "Get in on the ground floor and you can do it too but you must hurry while the company is exploding in full momentum!"

In other words, you or I join an MLM company and are told how and expected to build an organization of downline, after all, others did it, right?  WRONG!  Some of those top dawgs joined via a "backroom business deal" or secret "Business Development Agreement" where the new MLM company provides financial incentives to build their business!  And you thought they actually worked for a living!  I personally know a person who was very successful with an MLM company and was approached by another MLM company that did EXACTLY what I said above!  They offered her a free car, lucrative salary, etc., a sweet deal.  However, she didn't accept their offer because she has ethics and integrity, but most don't.  You'd be shocked to know who they are!

It took me a long time to realize this could actually happen.  But if you are involved with an MLM company, were your leaders involved in another one?  Did they all come from the same one?  Think I'm making this up?  Think again!  Jeunesse was busted for this very activity!
"The suit, filed in July in federal court in Arizona, names the company, three top executives and three top distributors, as well as 100 co-conspirators who it alleges enriched themselves by promoting and participating in a “classic pyramid scheme,” which also included backroom deals and secret compensation packages."   Found on Tina.org. 
Read about it on Behind MLM
"Jeunesse have a history of cutting secret backroom deals with high-profile affiliates in other opportunities. The most notorious of which is probably with Matthew Nestler."


Some of the companies listed below have been charged with RICO, operating a Pyramid Scheme, Ethics Code Violation and / or Deceptive Business Practices
"numerous award winners are engaged in false and deceptive advertising by using unsubstantiated health and/or income claims in marketing their business opportunities and are, in fact, violating the DSA's own code of ethics."  Read more here and here.

Who's next?  And did you notice, it's not just the company executives but the top affiliates / consultants / ambassadors as well?  GOOD!  It's about time!  MLM's have destroyed lives long enough!   Stay tuned!  More companies will be added...  there's hope on the horizon.

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