These are a few of my favorite things that add harmony to my life.  Enjoy.  

(and yes, I am paid commissions on some, and a few friends paid commissions on others.)

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I HAVE A NEW BEST FRIEND AND HER NAME IS ESTER C..... If you've met me you know I'll do ANYTHING to look younger... including standing on my head and gargle peanut butter if that's what it takes!  Kim has been telling me how I MUST try this "Ester C" whatever... so I did..

Also, if you've met me, you know I'm sick and tired of people advertising garbage that doesn't work.  I will NEVER and yes I said NEVER put my name behind ANYTHING that doesn't prove positive. AND I'm not being paid to tell you this.
My face is doing the happy dance! (Hope it dances out some of those wrinkles!)... If you have not tried DivaK, please contact Kim to help you with a regime! You WON'T be sorry!


The more I learn about people, the more I love my dogs!  They are there when I'm sad and kiss my tears away, they are there when I'm happy wagging their tails and above all, they love unconditionally.....

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