I don't know about you, but according to what I've been reading, it sure doesn't sound like a bunch of "all natural", "healthy greens" to me!

Hmmm... guess they are so busy trying to convince people how natural their products are, they didn't see this (oh yeah, they might be on a first name basis with them...)

For educational and reference purposes of how one particular dietary supplement continues to be marketed as "all natural" and "healthy greens" in spite of an FDA warning letter. (Reference video:



(Reuters Health) - Long after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued recalls for dietary supplements tainted with banned drugs, more than half of the tainted supplements were still available for purchase, a new study found. (READ FULL STORY HERE)

(Tech Times)  "What we found was alarming," he said. "The system for getting these drugs off the market is clearly not working."  One or more banned drugs were found in nearly 67 percent of the supplements purchased, the researchers said.  Insufficient oversight bye the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is one part of the problem; another is drug makers considering profits before public health, Cohen said. (READ FULL STORY HERE)

(CBS NEWS)  Dietary supplements containing potentially dangerous prescription drug ingredients may still be for sale even years after safety recalls, a study found.In supplements bought online, researchers detected hidden steroids, similar ingredients to Viagra and Prozac and a weight loss drug linked with heart attacks.  (READ STORY HERE)

(NBC NEWS)   In supplements bought online, researchers detected hidden steroids, similar ingredients to Viagra and Prozac and a weight loss drug linked with heart attacks.  (READ FULL STORY HERE)

(Today's Dietitian) The FDA initiates class I drug recalls when products have the reasonable possibility of causing serious adverse health consequences or death. Recently, the FDA has used class I drug recalls in an effort to remove dietary supplements adulterated with pharmaceutical ingredients from US markets. Prior research has found that even after FDA recalls, dietary supplements remain available on store shelves.  (READ FULL STORY HERE)


Wow!  There is a wealth of information here if you are researching supplements!

8 Facts to Know About Supplements


About two-thirds of American adults take at least one dietary supple­ment, most often multivitamin/mineral pills. And yet, of all the decisions and purchases we make pertaining to our health, selecting supplements puts us on less secure ground than nearly anything else.

That's primarily because supplements are only lightly regulated by the FDA. Manufacturers don't have to prove efficacy or safety. Federal law limits what kind of health claims can be made on labels, in ads, and on the Internet, but many marketers make illegal, unsubstantiated claims for months, even years, before the FDA cracks down on them.  (READ FULL STORY HERE)

Please be cautious when taking any kind of dietary supplement! I've seen many posts about liver damage and dietary supplements from people who have experienced it first hand. If you are one of those, PLEASE share and/or contact the FDA!

Dietary Supplements Can Harm the Liver


Herbal products known to harm the liver include chaparral, comfrey, kava, skullcap, yohimbe, and even green tea extract.  (READ THE STORY HERE)


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