Funny to see Tarl Robinson in a TruVision Facebook Group!


I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type!  

I came across this today and couldn't help but remember a conversation we had.  I am a member of send out cards.  I've never made money with it, but I do use it often.   She asked me about it once saying she'd love to do something like that with a motivational website, quotes, etc. as a back up in case the FDA ever shut Plexus down.  Obviously, she is backing herself up as it seems she has a new business and thinks quite highly of herself.

The reason I am laughing so hard is because of another conversation we had.  I asked her if she charged for videos, motivational talks, etc. and she said: 
"Oh no, I'm not doing that Mary Kay crap and charge for everything!  I just wanna help my team every way I can!  They sure don't need to pay me to help them grow their business, that's my job!"

I can't say I'm amazed or surprised, because I've heard so much out of one side of the mouth and seen something totally different from the other.  This is just one more...  

It appears sales, recruiting and of course those big fat paychecks within the MLM dietary supplement world just isn't quite what it used to be.  Otherwise, people would be so busy they wouldn't have time for another focus....  or so I've been told. 

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