Tired of hearing all the "fluff" and no "stuff" about Plexus Worldwide?  The complaints exist everywhere, you just have to look for them.  I've compiled a list below and feel free to add any you don't see here.

If you have been ripped off by them or any other company, PLEASE file a report (see list at bottom of page).  They seem to be notorious for taking your money and making it near impossible to get it back.  Or better yet, charge your account without your knowledge!  How's THAT for integrity?

The second call you make (I'm sure you called your bank first) should be to the FTC to file a report!  Then the BBB! See them and more resources here.

There are so many complaints to the company that they now have a full time job position for it!


From Rip Off Report:

1, Report #1303666

May 04 2016
03:42 PM

Plexus The Pink Drink False 60 day money back guarantee Scottsdale, AZ NationwideAuthor: Orlando, FloridaWeightloss Programs: PlexusNationwide
2, Report #1301215

Apr 22 2016
11:50 AM

Plexus Worldwide Plexus PinkPlexus SlimPink Drink SCAM! PYRAMID SCHEME! MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! ALERT!! SCOTSDALE NATIONWIDEAuthor: NATIONWIDE, ArizonaSupplemental Health Programs: Plexus WorldwideNationwide
3, Report #1296816

Mar 30 2016
12:42 PM

Plexus Plexus Worldwide Plexus Scam/Pyramid Scheme Scottsdale ArizonaAuthor: Dallas, GeorgiaSupplemental Health Programs: PlexusScottsdale, Arizona
4, Report #1293867

Mar 15 2016
02:16 PM

5, Report #1264074

Oct 27 2015
06:55 PM

Plexus worldwide Terrible customer service InternetAuthor: McKinney, TexasSupplemental Health Programs: Plexus worldwideInternet
6, Report #1250036

Aug 21 2015
12:00 PM

Plexus Ripoff of return after being allergic to product Scottsdale ArizonaAuthor: Maryland Heights, MissouriWeightloss Programs: PlexusNationwide
7, Report #1233330

Jun 03 2015
07:10 PM

Plexus Worldwide Plexus Worldwide, Plexus Pink, Plexus Wireless, Plexus Pink, Plexus Slim, Plexus Worldwide inc, Plexus holdco, plexus holdings, plexus pima centre, Know Now Foundation, Industry Print Solutions, Tarl Robinson, Alfred Petterson, Alec Clark, Serena Molangi Dishonest, No integrity, Slander, False Claims,Unethical, Ineffective Products, Misrepresentation of product and business plan, Dishonest business practices, possible pyramid, Scottsdale ArizonaI know what you mean about easy to sign up, hard to resignAuthor: Knoxville, TennesseeSupplemental Health Programs: Plexus WorldwideScottsdale, Arizona
8, Report #1207308

Feb 06 2015
07:21 PM

Plexor Marketing Plexus Marketing Mr. Karim Fraud, and these criminals have been given green cards/visas ElCajon CaliforniaAuthor: sandiego, CaliforniaCruises: Plexor Marketing Plexus MarketingCalifornia
9, Report #1193347

Dec 05 2014
01:01 PM

Plexus Worldwide Does not stand behind Return Policy Arizona ArizonaAuthor: thousand palms , CaliforniaWeightloss Programs: Plexus WorldwideNationwide
10, Report #1175177

Sep 08 2014
08:25 AM

Plexus Worldwide Plexus Pink, Plexus Slim, Plexus Wireless, Tarl Robinson, Alfred Petterson, Alec Clark Deceptive, False claims, Unethical, Ineffective Product, breach of contract, Scottsdale ArizonaWrongAuthor: TennesseeWeightloss Programs: Plexus WorldwideScottsdale, Arizona
11, Report #1174949

Sep 06 2014
02:37 PM

Plexus Worldwide Plexus Pink, Plexus Wireless, Plexus Worldwide inc, Plexus holdco, plexus holdings, plexus pima centre, tarl robinson, alfred pettersen, alec clark, FDA Warning Letter - not generally recognized as safe Scottsdale ArizonaNot quite what it says....Author: British ColumbiaWeightloss Programs: Plexus WorldwideScottsdale, Arizona
12, Report #1171288

Aug 21 2014
08:34 AM

Plexus Worldwide, Plexus Wireless, Plexus Pink, Know Now Foundation, Plexus Worldwide, Plexus Worldwide Inc, Plexus HoldCo, Plexus Holdings Inc., Industry Print Solutions, Tarl Robinson, Alfred Pettersen, Serena Molangi, Plexus Slim Slander, False Claims, Deceptive and knowingly Misleading - to say the least Scottsdale ArizonaAuthor: Vancouver, British ColumbiaSupplemental Health Programs: Plexus WorldwideScottsdale, Arizona
13, Report #1131282

Mar 24 2014
04:05 PM

lexus Worldwide Slim SCAM COMPANY DOES NOT HONOR 60 DAY GUARANTEE Scottsdale, AZDo you know how to read?Author: Palm Desert, CaliforniaWeightloss Programs: Plexus Worldwide Inc.Scottsdale, Arizona
14, Report #1130668

Mar 14 2014
12:57 PM

Plexus Worldwide Plexus Slim Guarantee SCAM Scottsdale ArizonaRead before you sign....Author: Oviedo, FloridaWeightloss Programs: Plexus WorldwideScottsdale, Arizona
15, Report #466386

Jul 09 2009
05:01 PM

Ie Plexus /Jason/Audi they take my money via credit card every month, with no promised returns on my business Internetcancel your credit cardAuthor: Price, UtahInternet Marketing Companies: Ie PlexusInternet
16, Report #228494

Jan 03 2007
12:52 PM

Plexus Wireless, Plexus Pink, Bill Brooksher THEFT OF AGENT COMMISSIONS, FRAUDULENT POLICIES, THEFT OF PROPRIETARY INFO, DISHONEST BUSINESS PRACTICES Scottsdale ArizonaAuthor: AIEA, HawaiiMulti Level Marketing: Plexus Wireless, Plexus Pink, Plexus Pink ,Bill Brook

This person had been trying to cancel since November, but Plexus still charged her almost $800 before stating they will refund her the money owed to her

The complainant contacted our customer service department by email on 11/27/2015 to request that future monthly auto shipments be canceled and also to return their previous month’s shipment. October 2015 order will be refunded minus the original shipping charge of $4.05 per our preferred customer refund policy. Any order processed after 11/27/2016 will be refunded in full.
The complainant’s order ******** dated 10/27/2015 will be refunded, $136.20.The complainant’s order ******** dated 12/27/2015 will be refunded, $140.25.The complainant’s order ******** dated 1/27/2016 will be refunded, $140.25.The complainant’s order ******** dated 2/27/2016 will be refunded, $140.25.The complainant’s order ******** dated 3/27/2015 will be refunded, $109.01.The complainant’s order ******** dated 4/27/2015 will be refunded, $127.75.

From Ambassadors:

Found out today that after submitting a cancel request 2 yrs ago that I'm STILL a lame plexus ambassador. Not a happy camper right now. They refuse to refund the payments and they lost the paperwork to cancel so they are supposedly sending me another cancelation request but i have yet to see it since 11am today when i talked to them.

I bought in as an ********** to Plexus based upon a sales presentation that I could receive wholesale prices of the product if I bought in this way. Then if I really loved it, I could also sell the product. I was told by another ********** that there is no risk as there is a 60 day money back guarantee. However, they failed to tell me that in the agreement I was asked to sign that there is no refund for **********s unless they return unopened product within 5 days. I got the ********** package that came with a 90 day supply of the Plexus Slim and Accelerator. I sold half of it to my friend for her to try and I took the other half. We both had absolutely no results. I contact the person directly above me and they told me to contact customer service. I put in an email request twice explaining the problem and both times got a pre-generated rejection email for the refund. I am not asking for the refund of my ********** fees, just the product. I called customer service and they told me there is nothing I can do, unless it had only been 5 days and the product was unopened. I was told there were no supervisors or managers there at headquarters that could help me. I even asked for the owner and was told by the representative that she did not know who it was. I asked how I was suppose to supply my client with a refund and I was told I could give her the money back and then submit a claim to replenish the supply. I told the lady I did not need more worthless supply. I asked her if I sold to 50 clients and each one had no results and requested their money back, I would be stuck giving all the money back and 50 sets of replenished, worthless supply. I told her that this is not a good business concept. I could go into deep debt if I kept trying to promote the product.

Desired Settlement: I All I want is the refund of my $200 that was the price for the 90 day supply. I am not asking for my full $272 back that included the ********** fees and shipping. This is a crazy business format and I cannot legitimately sell a product that doesn't work for me and that will continue to put me in debt if it doesn't work for my clients. I will be happy to return all unused product that I still have at this time

From Supplement Geek:

A few of the places around the web you will find the truth about Plexus Worldwide...  the company, the products and quite possibly the MANY other names/companies under this strange umbrella of business....

If you don't see Plexus listed, then make it a priority to share your experience!




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